My name is Cole Mendoza. I own and run a private security company in Detroit. My friend, Sandra Breyer, left the city escaping domestic abuse to start a new life in a small town called Ravensgate. She later mysteriously disappeared, seemingly from inside her own house.

The police did an insufficient job in their search and claimed she just took off. I didn’t buy that story. I know Sandy. She wouldn’t have done that. I later moved into Sandy’s Victorian home to do my own investigation.

Shortly after I encountered strange things in the large house. I believe I was contacted by spirits and found a small crystal skull (pictured) in the attic which I later learned was cursed. What I discovered in the basement is even more horrifying.

Along the way I met special people that helped me move my investigation forward. With the help of a psychic, an ex-occultist, and a Roman Catholic Nun, I began my journey into the supernatural to find my missing friend and attempt to stop the Unholy Awakening.